Nonwoven fabrics, application and manufacturing process

NCS News - The size of the nonwovens market is estimated to increase from US $ 22.62 billion in 2016 to US $ 34.85 billion by 2022. This market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.51. % in the forecast period.

Post date: 15-11-2020

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A nonwoven is a fabric made of short fibers and long fibers (long, unbroken), bonded together by chemical, mechanical, thermal treatment or the use of solvents. This term is used in the textile industry to refer to fabrics such as felt, nonwoven or non-knitted fabrics ...


General introduction of nonwoven fabrics
Nonwoven fabrics can be divided into 8 categories according to different manufacturing processes:
Spunlace nonwovens
This is a product resulting from the direct use of polymer pads, short fibers or filaments to form a fiber network by gas or mechanical action, spinning, needle puncture or hot rolling, and final sewing. after finishing is spunlace nonwovens.
Applications: This fabric is famous for its excellent use in masks, medical nonwoven fabrics, wet wipes, nonwoven filter cloths, etc...
Source :  Vinatex.
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