Technical information about machinery and equipment

  • PP bag cutting - sewing - printing combined machine

    31-12-2021 // 74 view(s)

    Combined equipment for processing PP woven packaging. Combination of stages: measuring cut - sewing the bottom - printing information on the surface of the package...

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  • Types of equipment containing, stirring...

    27-07-2021 // 453 view(s)

    NCSC Vietnam introduce & delivery many equipments, tanks, mixers , accessories ... serving production pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food processing, chemical, Textile ... in the Vietnam market and other regions.

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  • Automatic warp knotting machine

    16-11-2020 // 1,309 view(s)

    Automatic warp knotting machine is used to connect various warp yarns fixed on the knotting frame, it adopts world-class knotting technology, and enjoys high performance, high efficiency, high flexibility and high quality. It is an ideal knotting solution for demands from all weaving workshops, such as rapier weaving, airjet weaving, waterjet weaving, projectile weaving and warp knitting machine...

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  • Digital Textile Belt Printer

    27-05-2019 // 1,455 view(s)

    In recent years, printing technology, especially Digital printing has had extremely rapid development. If in the past, the printing only focused in the publishing and advertising industries ... then today, printing technology has developed dramatically, contributing to creating many products to meet the needs of life

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  • Flat Jacquard Knitting Machine

    21-04-2019 // 2,342 view(s)

    NCS intro. A knitting machine is a device used to create knitted fabrics in a circular of flat, semi or fully automated fashion. There are many types of knitting machines, ranging from simple spool or board templates with no moving parts to highly complex mechanisms controlled by electronics ...

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  • Metal detector

    04-04-2019 // 1,474 view(s)

    Metal detector is used to detect metal parts ( ex: broken sewing machine needles), iron wires and other ferromagnetic metals that are caught in textiles, toy for kids, food, chemical... and to avoid direct or indirect damage to consumers and enterprises.

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  • Compacting machine for tubular knitted fabric

    08-01-2019 // 2,093 view(s)

    NCS intro. - First introduced at the Vietnam Textile International Exhibition 2018 from a company from the Euro region, specializing in the production of finished machines. This compact machines use for tubular knitted fabrics have created attention thanks to new improved features and high efficiency when handling fabrics ...

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