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  • Direct digital printing on fabric (DTG) - choice for startups

    22-10-2019 // 51 view(s)

    This is the best way to print demanding and demanding T-shirts with colorful designs, capable of printing up to 100 shirts per batch. Modern technology contributes to the success of young businesses.

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  • ITMA Asia & CITME - 2018

    18-10-2018 // 450 view(s)

    NCS News - National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai, China "Textiles, Yarn, Fabrics & Allied Industries trade fair."

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  • At the beginning of the year, discuss the opening of the ”door of birth” of the enterprise

    15-02-2018 // 0 view(s)

    NCS nesw - A very small enterprise, manufacturing in the field of children”s clothing, with only 20 employees but the product is present in most provinces and cities from South to North, with about 90,000 - 100,000 products per month. How can they produce so many products with such workers? It”s all about innovation in technology ...

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  • MTA HANOI 2017

    14-10-2017 // 991 view(s)

    NCS news - MTA HANOI 2017 brings together a number of international businesses to attend and showcase the latest technology solutions launched in Vietnam. For example, high-tech CNC engraving machine, MV1200R wire cutter, SmartScope ZIP Lite 250, CMM three-dimensional ...

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  • The story of jeans

    24-09-2017 // 911 view(s)

    NCS News - The international fashion world spends $ 3 trillion a year on apparel, a modest market for jeans: $ 56.2 billion (2016). In 2013, there are a total of about 19 million jeans on the road from Vietnam to America, of which about 12.44 million female jeans, the rest are male ...

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  • Goods ”made in China” is no longer available

    27-02-2017 // 1,119 view(s)

    Labor costs continued to increase strongly made in Chinese factories no longer produce cheap goods as before.

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  • Jeans: you may not know!

    30-01-2017 // 1,258 view(s)

    With jeans we wear every day, there are some parts that not everyone knows its true use, according to the Mirror. 95% of people wear jeans do not know the uses of "super potent" BUTTON 3 pieces of this.

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