SD822 water jet loom

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SD822 water jet loom

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SD822 series water jet loom

1. Reed Length: 150-380cm

2. Speed: 500-1000RPM

3. SD822 water jet loom that is capable to weave ultra-fine yarn and high pick fabric;

4. Electric variable pick change system helps to create higher added-value fabric;

5. Max. 4 color weaving is mature in actual use now;

6. Electric take-up & electric let-off ensures accurate tension control of warp yarn;

7. Minimum weaving width up to 40inch

8. Anti-vibration design effectively improves the life of machine parts as well as avoiding defect fabric;

9. SD822 water jet loom  have centralized lubrication system that reduces routine maintenance time and with easy operation;;

10.Five-angle pipe is applied as the back-up support which greatly reduces the vibration from beating motion;SD822 series water jet loom


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