Low temperature Steamer

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Low temperature Steamer

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1. Applications:

The manufacture made different machines for textile industry,chemical industry and pollution control.

This fabric loop steamer is used widely by garment processing enterprices all over the world.

The capacity of this machine is 120 to 320 meters

 2. Process:

Fabric feeding --->  Steaming --->  Exit with plaiting.

  3. The machine features :

For low temperature steaming the textile processing machine has a chamber roof which is heated by steam coils preventing condensation and drippings. Our steam agers are equipped with special device, a Steam Saturator, which conditions the steam passes through the water before being injected into the steaming chamber. These particular characteristics of steam pre- conditioning which prevent and control the exothermic reaction of the fabrics and of the printing paste, make our machine " UNIQUE" of its kind and are the basis of great success achieved all over in textile industries.


For high temperature steaming our steam agers are equipped with efficient re-circulation system and heat exchangers using Thermic Fluid which ensures uniform temperature in the chamber. Special system to allow air to re-circulate instead of steam permitting polymerization treatment with hot air upto 160°C.


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