Compact for open width knitting

Made in China | NN0460

Compact for open width knitting

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Machine usage

This Open width compactor is a combination machine of pin plate stenter and felt compactor.

It is used for the processing of 100% cotton, wool, hemp natural fabrics and chemical fabrics in open width form.

After treatment by this machine, the latitude and longitude of the fabric will be steady, soft hand feel, water shrinkage can be controlled within 5%.



Main technical parameters

  • Machine working pattern             chains circulation horizontal rotary
  • Compacting pattern                        thickness 20-21mm Nomex felt
  • Rail pattern                                         Stainless steel rail, Graphite strip, non oil lubrication
  • Machine standard power             3PH 380V(±5%)50Hz
  • Control power                                   220V、24V
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