Taiwan sanforizing machine

Made in Taiwan | NN0344

Taiwan sanforizing machine

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  • Spraying steam plus steaming vapor makes steam get into cloth fully.
  • The equipment of the adjustable preventing aslant roller makes cloth enter smoothly the front of rubber belt.
  • Powerful rubber belt can actually stretch cloth to increase shrinkage resisting rate.
  • Cloth entering screw roller can actually open cloth and extend it.
  • The grinding roller of rubber belt can implement grinding when the surface of rubber belt is roughly.
  • The water spraying cooling device of rubber belt can ensure the life of rubber belt.
  • The rubber belt”s roller, which can heat itself, can actually flatten coloth.
  • The tension regulator of rubber belt ensures exactly its tension.
  • The tension control of cylindrical wool rug ensures the tension of wool rug always.
  • The aslant correction of cylindrical wool rug controls it in correct position anytime
  • Wool rug is strong and durable, when covers on the cloth, it will not hurt it and really can flatten it.
  • Shrinkage resisting rate can be indicated immediately.
  • The front and rear 2 sets of transmission variable speed motors can freely adjust the cloth”s tension properly.
  • 2 sets of clutch controls can select scope of use.

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