Phung Xa textile enterprise opens ”Sinh door” ...

Long ago, Phung Xa is considered the cradle of textile weaving of Hanoi, one of the most famous craft villages in the country. Almost all the people born and raised here are involved in the traditional textile industry of our homeland.

Post date: 21-02-2018

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Phung Xa textile enterprise opens "Sinh door" ...

But hundred of them do not sound the same. Ai was not shocked at first when he witnessed the great development in this place. Asphalt roads are clean, shade trees, systems are closely connected to each other.
Reorganization of production, investment in machinery and equipment is the way to open "door Sinh" for trade village in Phung Xa. This is not only for private enterprises, but also for individual households.
Visitors will be overwhelmed by the modern equipment lines, spacious facilities, safety, hygiene ... with a team of skilled workers, work really effective and professional. We all implicitly silently compare that this can not be called a village that can say this is a large-scale industrial park...

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